Summer is again upon us in the Twin Cities area, but unfortunately along with the flowers, our spring and summers also brings tornadoes, pounding rains, hail, and high winds--all of which can spell trouble for your roof.  Not all roofs are created equal, and some handle the elements better than others, but damage is possible even if you have a new, high-quality roof.  So is it possible to know if you've suffered damage following a storm?

The honest truth is that most home owners can't tell for themselves without a roofing inspection.   It takes an experienced storm damage professional to tell for sure, because often the damage is not immediately noticeable.  Twisted gutters, torn-off sections soffit and facia, or shingles are laying on the lawn are obvious signs of damage, but there are other indications you can look for without going up on a ladder.

  • Your neighbor's roof has suffered damage:  Chances are your roofs are not identical, but both of your homes were exposed to the same storm, so it would be wise to have yours inspected as well.
  • Loose shingles:  You can usually see these from the ground.  Step back away from your home and look at the roof to see if there are any which appear to curl up or are flapping in the wind. 
  • Excessive roofing granules at the base of your downspouts:  Roofing granules do not always indicate roof damage; often they are the sign of an old, deteriorating roof.  But if you make it a practice to regularly inspect the base of your downspouts you'll be able to tell what is unusual for your roof.  A significant increase in granule runoff following a storm could indicate damage. 
  • Wet spots on your ceilings:  This indicates substantial damage, not only to your shingles but also to the underlying roofing material and possibly the roof structure itself. 
If you notice any of these things, you should have your roof inspected immediately by a storm damage professional like Quarve Contracting.  A roofing pro who is experienced in detecting storm damage (often subtle and hard to notice by most people) can give you an indication of what repairs are needed.  A good roofing repair contractor like Quarve is able to work with you on filing your insurance claim.    At Quarve we're storm damage experts.  If your roof has sustained damage from a recent storm, we'll work with you and your insurance company to make sure that your roof is repaired to the fullest extent you're entitled to.  Don't take your adjuster's estimate as the final word without checking with a storm damage expert.  And don't wait for those telltale spreading water marks to appear on your ceiling.  Timely repairs can prevent further damage.  Contact Quarve for a free roof inspection today.