Those icy blasts of Minnesota winters might seem a long way off on these days when the temperatures are approaching triple digits.   And those sunny skies and warm summer nights might make you forget those pounding spring and fall hail storms and heavy rains.  But don't let the weather fool you - summer is a great time to have your roof and home exterior inspected to make sure your home is reading for the upcoming severe weather seasons. 

As the Minneapolis/St. Paul area's leading roofing contractor for over 27 years, at Quarve Contracting we know the importance of timely inspections and staying a step ahead of the elements.  If you've got a potentially leaky roof, the time to find out about it and repair it is when the sun is shining, not when the water is dripping into your living room.  And if those high winds have loosened or damaged your siding, now is the best time to take care of it.

A number of severe storm systems swept through the Twin Cities area late this spring, wreaking havoc and causing damage from Lakeville to Forest Lake.  Many homeowners are still awaiting necessary repairs.  Even though you're fairly certain your home isn't one of them, this summer season might be a great time to give your home the once-over and make sure you're ready for winter.  Do you know the potential signs of storm damage?  Little dents or chips in your siding might indicate hidden damage.  Even slightly loosened sections might be a source of future trouble.

If you want to make sure that Mother Nature doesn't come into your home uninvited this winter, call the exterior home improvement specialists at Quarve Contracting today.  Estimates are always free, and as the Twin Cities leading roofing contractor, we're experienced at spotting and correcting signs of trouble before real damage sets in.  Call us today and be ready for winter.