Repairing your home after hail damage is a relatively easy process to undertake. If you think you have hail damage from the recent storms that blew through our area, then simply call your insurance agent, and report a claim. He will them come out for an estimate, and detail the damages done. Make sure he goes up on the roof, and takes a close look, as hail will often damage flashing and gutters that cannot be seen with just a pair of binoculars. It is important to also have him check your siding and windows since these are often overlooked after a storm like this, but were equally as exposed as the roof was.

Once the estimate has been completed, give us a call at Quarve Contracting, and we will be able to begin the process. We will write our detailed estimate so that everyone is in agreement with each other, or we can simply come out to the property when your agent does, and all work together. This will greatly speed up the time it takes to get everything authorized, and avoid an infamous game of phone tag that is likely to begin. Once the settlement is understood by all, and agreed upon by you, our production team will get you scheduled. Your insurance company will issue a partial payment, and work can begin.

Some insurance companies will want to make another inspection half way through the job, and this is fine. We will inform you of that time and either call your agent for you, or invite you to be a part of the action, too.

If your insurance company is one that requires the mortgage company to cosign any checks, make sure that you don't sign in their spot. This will void the check and delay payments until it is sorted out, so be sure to read carefully all documents before you sign them. If this is the case, you can bring the check to your mortgage company, or send it via certified mail. They will endorse the check and send it back to you with a few more documents to sign. Quarve contracting will be here every step of the way to help make this procedure go smoothly from the beginning to the end. We have done this countless times before and will make your hail damaged roofing repairs as easy as humanly possible. So give us a call, and let’s get started today. 763-785-1472