MN Roof damage repair is a hot topic here in the Twin Cities, especially following severe weather like this past May's hail storms and tornadoes.  But asphalt roofs can be compromised by a  number of factors, not all of them storm-related.  Your roof may have been improperly installed, or it may simply have reached its life expectancy.  Or it may indeed have suffered storm damage.  You'll need an inspection by a qualified storm damage expert like Quarve Contracting.  For over 27 years we've been assessing storm damage and repairing roofs for St. Paul/Minneapolis property owners. 

While not all roof problems are apparent to the untrained eye, here are some things you can look for which indicate your roof may need repair or replacement:

  • Missing or loose shingles.  This could be the sign of either high winds or improper installation.  If installn is the source of the problem, this could indicate that the integrity of your entire roof is in question.  However, a few loose or missing shingles might just need a simple repair and a little roof cement.  But only a roofing pro can tell you for sure. 
  • Blistering.  This is an indication that water has penetrated the shingle itself.  It may cause the surface of the shingle to break open, which would require repair. 
  • Rotting Shingles.  Rotting is a sign of water damage.  If only an isolated area is involved, repair to the affected area may be all that is needed.  If it is more wide spread, your entire roof may need to be replaced. 
  • Missing Roofing GranulesBare spots are a sign of roof damage or deterioration.  It may be time for a new roof.  You'll need a roofing pro to tell you for sure. 
  • Curled Shingles.  This could indicate improper installation (nails sticking out, too many roofing nails used, etc.) or it could mean poor ventilation under the roof.  Spot damage can be corrected with a simple repair. 
  • Ceiling Stains.   Water stains on your ceilings are usually an indication of a roof leak.  Ceiling stains should not be ignored.  Whether your roof has been damaged by storm or is simply old and deteriorated, you probably need a new roof.   Water penerating through the roof into your home's structure can translate into rotting and extensive damage, which translates into potentially extensive repairs. 
  • Algae growth (black or dark brown discoloration of your shingles.)  Algae is airborne and can affect roofs.  You may need a chemical cleaning of your roof, or the algae growth may indicate that your shingles have absorbed moisture, are damaged, and need to be replaced.   Algae growth is sometimes mistaken for dirt or tree droppings - have a roofing pro inspect the area to be sure. 
Maintaining the integrity of your roof is important to preserving the investment you've made in your home.  If you have a question about the state of your asphalt roof, contact the St. Paul/Minneapolis area roof repair pros at Quarve Contracting today for a free estimate.   We're proud of the job we do helping Minnesota home owners protect their homes with quality roofing installation and repairs.