The recent trend among manufacturers of roofing materials has been to upgrade their warranties.  While strong warranties are great marketing tools, the manufacturers of CertainTeed roofing have always had warranties on their shingles that are among the best in the business.  But good warranties don't always indicate top-quality roofingThe CertainTeed company offers features in its warranies that are unique in the industry, but they hope their customers don' t ever have to use them.  They are committed to producing quality roofing materials, and they are so confident in their products that they are willing to cover them with the best warranties available. 

As a leader in roofing and roofing repair in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area for over 27 years, Quarve Contracting has dealt with quite a few roofing manufacturers.  And among makers of asphalt shingles, we highly recommend CertainTeed.  In fact, we've chosen to qualify for designation by CertainTeed as one of their Select Shingle Roofers.  Only a small percentage of roofing contractors can claim this distinction.   We know that their warranty covers a great product, and we're proud to recommend CertainTeed to our customers who desire an asphalt roof that will last.  And these products are guaranteed for a lifetime.

All of CertainTeed's lines of shingles installed since January 1st of 2011 are covered by their Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty, which carries several features that other roofing manufacturers just can't touch.  One of these is tear-off and disposal reimbursement.  Other companies don't have this coverage.  They will pay for replacement and repair of defective shingles, but they won't cover necessary tear-off and disposal.  That can be a large expense.  It's a labor-intensive process, and heavy shingles are costly to dispose of.  CertainTeed is so confident in the quality of their products as well as in the quality of the training of their recommended contractors that they are willing to go above and beyond other roofing manufacturers with their warranty - because they trust you'll never need it.

A roof  should look beautiful as it stands up to the elements.  Another warranty feature unique to CertainTeed is their guarantee against aesthetic manufacturing defects.  They not only guarantee that their shingles will perform well, they guarantee that they will also come from the factory looking great.  No other shingle manufacturer does that.

If you're interested in protecting the investment you've made in your home with new asphalt roofing, contact Quarve Contracting today to discuss why we carry CertainTeed roofing products, and why their warranties can give you peace of mind - for a lifetime.