For many North Minneapolis area residents who suffered storm damage from this spring's severe storms are still suffering, and their homes have not been adequately repaired.  According to local news reports, some of this is due to disputes with insurance companies and their adjusters.  While the law requires that insurance companies pay to have covered property restored to its state before the storm damage occurred, exactly what this represents can sometimes be a gray area.   And for instance, insurance adjusters generally work with an average repair cost for a particular geographical area when determining the amount of settlement offered.   However, due to the high demand for roof damage repairs from recent tornado, hail, and wind damage in the Twin Cities area has caused local price increases which are not being taken into account. 

And it's also good to keep in mind that an adjuster is an employee of the insurance company and does not necessarily work in the best interests of the insured.  Many people have had very satisfactory experiences with how their insurance companies have settled their storm damage claims, but for some the emotional stress in dealing with the insurance company to get the coverage they are entitled to is an experience almost as damaging as the storm itself.

Did you know that you have legal rights as an insured homeowner?  The insurance company cannot require that you accept their estimate of repair costs.  Neither do they have control over which storm damage repair contractor you select.  You have the right to request that your insurance adjuster reconsider the settlement figure.  You also have the right to hire a private adjuster who will work on your behalf, although in most cases you will need to pay a private adjuster a portion of your proceeds.

If the roof on your North property is the subject of an unresolved insurance claim, you may be happy to know that Quarve Contracting, one of the Twin Cities' area's leading roof repair contractors, has had extensive experience helping Minnesota home owners resolve their storm damage claims for over 27 years.  If you're having difficulty getting your insurance claim settled to your satisfaction, perhaps we can help.