This year you'll find a lot more than thrilling rides and great food at the Minnesota State Fair.  Quarve Contracting and other companies have joined with the Minnesota Pollutional Control Agency and the State Fair to once again provide some exciting and ecologically beneficial ideas for improving the greenness of your lifestyle, including your home.  For several years the Eco Experience has been a popular exhibit for fair goers.  Eco Experience has a variety of components, and Quarve is proud to be a part of Green Crossing, a collection of buildings specifically constructed for this exhibit which incorporate building materials made from sustainable resources as well as energy-efficient components. 

If you're coming out to the Fair this year and you're interested in reducing environmentally harmful practices in your own lifestyle, stop by the Green Crossing exhibit and see how Quarve Contracting and others can help you reduce your ecological footprint.  As a leading full-service exterior home remodeling contractor in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area for nearly three decades, we've come to specialize in helping our clients to incorporate more environmentally-friendly building materials into their home as well as adding more energy-efficient building products to help reduce energy consumption due to heating and cooling costs.

Among the many options available, we can recommend such options as:

  • Installation of replacement windows and doors, which can reduce drafts and cut down on heat transfer
  • Steel or cement fiberboard siding, as well as steel roofing--all made from renewable resources
  • Rain-handling systems to direct water away from your home's foundation, reducing damp areas which can lead to mold and mildew
  • Permanently-finished, maintenance-free products which reduce the need for additional painting or staining
At Quarve Contracting, we're not just roofing and remodeling contractors for the St. Paul/Minnaepolis area; we're homeowners, too, and we understand the importance of protecting the environment while we protect our homes.  Stop by and see us at the Eco Experience exhibit at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair and see some of the exciting possibilities for putting more green in your home and your life.