Was your home built prior to 1978?  If so, it probably was constructed using a number of lead-containing building products.  Only a trained professional can identify the presence of lead.  If you're undertaking a home exterior remodeling project that will disturb more than a very small area, you'll  need the services of a professional who has been properly trained to work with lead-containing materials.  State and federal regulations require such training whenever a building project on an older structure has the potential to disturb and release lead into the environment.  That can comprise such activities as demolition, drilling, sawing, cutting, and sanding or scraping.  Even power-washing can cause lead paint to flake off.   Roof tear-offs may expose lead-containing flashing.  Quarve Contracting, the St. Paul/Minneapolis area's leading roofing contractor, has the required training needed to identify lead and safely remove and dispose of it. 

Lead can show up in various places, including: 

  • Paints--both oil-based and latex--on siding, doors and windows, trim, and interior walls
  • Roof flashing and other roofing installation accessories
  • Sound-proofing materials
This is just a short list of the most common materials we encounter in exterior home remodeling.  As a licensed Minnesota residential building contractor, we've had the necessary state-approved lead education required for licensure.  And we're properly certified under state and federal EPA requirements put in place in 2010.  If we find lead in any of your home's building materials that will be demolished or disturbed in any way during your remodeling, we've got the required training to contain, remove, and properly dispose of it before we replace it with lead-free products. If you're a Twin Cities area property owner contemplating an exterior remodeling project such as roof repair, replacement windows, or siding installation and your property was built before 1978, don't take chances.  Choose a certified lead-safe contractor.  Contact Quarve Contracting today.  For over 27 years we've been helping St. Paul and Minneapolis area home owners protect their properties.  And we can help you safely "get the lead out."