What is it? A complete donation/volunteer collaboration between many sponsors and partners to showcase responsible buidling practices and energy effeciency. We as a company are very excited to be a part of this effort, and invite you to come experience it.

This year: Green Crossing: A green neighborhood.

The 2011 Green Crossing exhibit—including four buildings, a street, landscaping, and a community garden all built inside the Eco Experience—demonstrated simple and cutting edge ways to be more responsible with our natural resources.

As a Partner, Quarve will be supplying United States Seamless Steel Siding, Kassel & Irons Steel Roofing and United States Seamless Standing Seam Roofing on two of the homes. Other Partners will be showcasing;
  • Energy-efficient, water-conserving, and healthy homes.
  • Streets that are safe for walkers, bikers, buses, and cars.
  • Shared areas for gardening and playing.
  • Rain barrels, permeable sidewalks, green roofs, and other features to catch and absorb rain water.
  • Businesses within walking distance of the homes.
  • Solar electricity production on houses and public structures.
Where is it?At the State Fair, In the Progress Center, corner of Cosgrove St & Randall Ave (just south of the Northwood’s). Look for the large wind turbine blade. When is it? Join us in 2011! We’ll be open August 25-September 5, 2011. You’ll learn how to make a difference for Minnesota’s environment through your daily choices.
  • How your lawn impacts water quality in Minnesota
  • How to grow your own food
  • See what rebates and incentives are available to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Where to buy recycled-content products
  • DIY landscaping, gardening and composting ideas
Who will be there?Pat and Julie Quarve will be staffing our “Ask the Expert” area as much as possible, along with some invited vendor partners. Come say hello.