Durability, beauty, value - is it possible as an environmentally-conscious home owner to have all three and still make an ecologically sound choice when siding your Twin Cities area home?  With steel siding from United States Seamless, the answer is a resounding YES!  As one of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area's leading home exterior remodeling companies for over 27 years, Quarve Contracting, Inc.  The certified, experienced siding installation professionals at Quarve heartily recommend the four beautiful and durable siding design options from United States Seamless.

These siding products are produced from natural resources; are manufactured on-site to custom fit your home, reducing waste; are engineered to be exceptionally durable and long-lasting; and can reduce your home's heating and cooling bills.  All of these factors add up to a green siding product that will protect and beautify your home.

In Part 1 we introduced you to the Platinum Series, which provides a smooth, timelessly-classic profile.  For those who prefer the look of natural wood, United States Seamless also offers their steel siding in the Mountain Cedar profile.  This unique product combines the enduring appeal of natural cedar with the durable, low-maintenance benefits of steel siding.  While it has the warm appearance of natural cedar, it is actually an improvement on nature, because it resists weather, insect, and rodent damage better than natural cedar can.  Rigorous testing of this siding reveals a product that retains is beauty in the face of extreme temperature changes, wind, hail, and moisture far better than natural wood ever could.  Natural wood products are subject to rotting, cracking, and warping.  Steel siding doesn't suffer these types of deterioration.

Now you can enjoy the beauty of natural cedar siding on your home without the drawbacks of real wood.  Plus, no trees have to be cut down to produce this incredibly durable and beautiful siding.  If you're looking to enhance the exterior of your home with cedar siding, consider Mountain Cedar siding from United States Seamless.  Contact Quarve Contracting, Inc. today for a free consultation.  We can show you how Mountain Cedar siding (or any of the other siding profiles from United States Seamless) can beautify and protect your St. Paul area home for many years.