Good news for economically-minded St. Paul area homeowners!    Although some of the federal tax credits for home owners expired in 2010, there are still tax credits available through the end of 2011 for qualifying improvements to existing residential homes.  Among other products, both replacement windows and metal roofing qualify for those credits.  And Quarve Contracting, Inc., one of the leading roofing companies in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, specializes in installation of steel and other metal roofing, as well as replacement windows.  And since they also specialize in customer satisfaction, Quarve can help you find just the right exterior home remodeling products for your home and your lifestyle. 

Metal roofing--a roofing solution which is growing in popularity among homeowners--is not only durable and highly effective in holding off the onslaughts of Minnesota severe weather, is also a great way to increase the value of your home and reduce your energy costs.  Metal roofing from companies like Kassel & Irons and Edco can help cut heat transfer between the outside air and your home's interior.  That translates into lower heating and cooling expenses.  Combine that with the low- or no-maintenance features of metal roofing, and you'll enjoy cost AND time savings.

And you can increase your energy cost savings when you replace your old drafty, inefficient windows with one of the new high-tech replacement window lines.  Options such as glass tinting, gas filling, and double or triple-pane configurations can further add to the energy efficiency of your windows.  Window openings are the most vulnerable points when it comes to heat and cooling loss in buildings, but properly-selected and installed replacement windows can cut drafts and heat transfer.  And new windows can increase your home's value.

Increase in property value + lower energy bills + tax savings + lower maintenance = a great overall package.  Improve your financial outlook while you improve your home.  Call the home exterior remodeling professionals at Quarve Contracting today.  Estimates are always free, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.