There are many beautiful metal roofing systems on the market today for ecologically-conscious home owners.         If you are a homeowner who wants to enhance your home's exterior, protect its structure, reduce energy costs and maintenance chores, all at minimal impact to the environment... You'll want to consider Steel Roofing.   As one of the leading home exterior remodeling companies in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, we're concerned about those things, too.  While we specialize in green building products and practices, our number one product is customer satisfaction. 

With steel roofing from such companies as Kassel & Irons, Edco, United States Seamless, and Metro, we offer our clients a wide range of attractive and durable as well as environmentally-sound alternatives to traditional roofing materials such as asphalt, wood, and clay.  And one of the roofing profiles we're pleased to offer is standing seam steel.

While there are steel roofing profiles to provide the look of shingle, shake, and slate, standing seam steel roofing is unique.  What makes it different from other roofing systems, and is it a good choice for your Twin Cities area home?  The roofing system was developed to stand up in commercial applications in extreme climates, such as the Northeast coast and the Deep South.  But more and more it is making its way into residential applications, not only in those areas but throughout the United States.  Since the Twin Cities area is subject to severe storms and widely-fluctuating temperature and moisture conditions, Quarve Contracting, Inc., the leading roofing company in the Minneapolis metro area, recommends standing seam steel roofing for customers seeking something just a little out of the ordinary.

What makes standing seam steel roofing systems different? 

  • The  panels have raised seams and are installed in an interlocking pattern.  What this means is that the seams are raised about the roof.  Water then runs off the roof because there is no leakage between the panels. 
  • The ridged panel profile provides architectural interest.  If you're seeking a unique look for your home's exterior, standing seam steel roofing might just be your answer. 
Like other metal and steel roofing systems, standing seam steel roofing is virtually maintenance-free, and with its exceptionally long life expectancy, its likely that your roof will last as long your home's structure itself.  Call Quarve Contracting today to discuss this unique roofing option -- as well as the many other roofing systems available.  For over 27 years we've been helping St. Paul and Minneapolis area home and business owners find just the right roofing choice.  As always, consultations and estimates are free.