As the weather turns cooler, it's time to evaluate the exterior of your home to make sure you're ready for Ol' Man Winter.  Here in the Upper Midwest, Mother Nature has a habit of throwing severe weather our way for months at a time.  And in the colder months, that often means wet, heavy snow.  And lots of it.  Is your roof ready for the upcoming winter?  Can it take the weight of predicted heavy snowfalls?  With a new steel roof from Quarve Contracting, the leading roofing company in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area for over 27 years, you can be sure that you are. 

Since your roof is the least accessible part of the exterior of your home (meaning it is often the most difficult to repair), and since your roof is your home's overall protection, it's important to the integrity of your home's structure that your roof can withstand weather conditions in Minnesota.  One of the most threatening is heavy snow.  Not only does heavy, wet snow pose problems with ice dams and potential leaks, the stress on the underlying structure from the sheer weight of accumulated snow can cause damage not only to your roof but to your home itself.

There are popular methods for dealing with snow build-up on roofs, like heated cables to melt the snow as it falls, or roof rakes to remove fallen snow.  Even a roof's construction itself can help.  For instance, a roof with a steep pitch is less likely to suffer stress from the weight of snow.  But one of the best defenses against snow is a steel roof.    Nothing out-performs steel roofing when it comes to winter weather. 

  • Due to the properties of steel, much of a snowfall will simply side off the surface of the roof (unless the pitch is very shallow); steel roofs have an inherent slipperiness to them asphalt and other traditional roofing materials can't compete with
  • Steel roofs have no separate shingles or shakes that can allow moisture infiltration (and subsequent leaks) caused by roof dams
  • Steel roofing has an umatched strength as far as load-bearing capacity
  • When properly installed, steel roofs can reduce heat loss through the roof
Steel roofs are incredibly durable, and most are backed by lifetime warranties.  When you choose to replace your old deteriorating roof with steel, it most likely will be the last roof you'll ever need.  So if you want to stand up to Ol' Man Winter this year, call Quarve Contracting for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We'll be happy to show you all the beautiful options available to fight back against snow this winter - and win.