If insect or rodent damage has been a problem for your home, you're going to need a lot more than good insurance.  After all, insurance doesn't prevent the destruction; it only helps you pay for repairs.  And if you're repairing your roof or siding with the same type of product, it's only a matter of time before those little critters will be back.  After all, there was something attractive about your home that drew them in the first place.  So why not make a change and eliminate the problem - for good.   And even if you haven't suffered damage from insect or rodent infestation yet, if your roof or siding are deteriorating and in need of replacement anyway, why not take steps to prevent a problem from ever occuring.

Your home's best first line of defense against insects and rodents like squirrels and bats (and even small mammals like racoons) is steel.  And with steel roofing and siding from Quarve Contractors, you're insulating your home against insect and animal damage.  And not only that, steel roofing and siding is noncombustible, making them one of the best safeguards against fire.  (Your insurance company may even give you a discount because of this.)  As one of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area's leading roofing and siding contractors for over 27 years, we highly recommend steel siding and roofing for these and many other reasons.

Simply put, steel roofing and siding are just about impervious to insect and rodent damage.  No matter how sharp those little teeth or claws are, steel just can't be chewed into the way that wood, asphalt, vinyl, or even fiberglass can.  And since we highly recommend and install seamless steel siding and roofing, there are not gaps between the panels to allow even the smallest critter a way in.  This especially important if you've had problems with insects like wasps building nests beneath small loose sections in your siding.

In addition to withstanding insect and rodent damage, steel siding and roofing also offer you many other advantages, such as superior durability.  Also, steel roofing so out-performs other roofing materials such as asphalt, tile, and cedar shake that it's probably the last roof you'll ever need.  So if you're interested in keeping those darned critters out of your home permanently, call Quarve Contracting today for a free, no-obligation estimate.  We also offer steel soffit and fascia as well as rain-handling systems.