Weather forecasters are predicting a winter for this part of the Midwest that's colder and snowier than usual.  Heavy snow falls can spell trouble for older roofs, especially those which are already deteriorating or have loose or missing shingles.  Is your roof ready to stand up to what Mother Nature has in store for Minnesotans this winter?  It's not too late to contact Quarve Contracting for a free consultation.  Even though the colder weather is setting in, there's still time to replace your old roof, and Quarve is just the contractor to do it for you.  For over 27 years they've been helping St. Paul and Minneapolis area home owners make sure their homes are well covered. 

Remember, the roof is your home's first line of defense against snow fall.  Heavy snows--especially the wet ones this known for--are particularly hard on roofs due to the stress put on the roof and the underlying structure.  And depending on your location as well as factors such as roof pitch, your roof might be prone to ice dams as well.  Ice dams are notoriously hard on roofing such as asphalt shingles and wood shakes.  Not only does the ice cause damage to the roofing material, but melting ice can infiltrate the roof's underlayment, which can result in interior ceiling damage and leaks.  Stop-gap measures such as roof rakes and heat tape can temporarily reduce the effects, but there are roofing options available to help drastically reduce or even eliminate the cause - built-up ice and snow.

Quarve recommends steel roofing as the best defense against winter snows (and other harsh Minnesota weather as well).  Because it is steel, the roof surface has much less "rough" area for snow to build up.  In some cases (depending on roof pitch), snow simply slides off and does not collect in significant amounts.  Also, steel roofing works well as a reflector of sunlight, meaning snow falling on your roof will melt faster.  And because there are no shingles or shakes to come loose, the threat of leaks from melting snow is also eliminated.

If you aren't sure your roof can hold up to another snowy Twin Cities winter, call the roofing professionals at Quarve today.  There's still time to make sure your home is well-covered against winter's threats.