While metal roofing might conjure up old images of a village of shanties, over the years metal roofing has evolved and improved to become a very viable and sphisticated option for many home owners. There are metal roofing materials that are suitable for every type of climate, and their development has produced some very attractive décor over the years, making them more and more popular.

Metal roofs are much more sturdy than they have been in past years, and are now able to stand up to strong winds, such as along the east coast. Some even have hurricane ratings. Thought to be noisy in heavy rain, today’s metal roofs have insulation that buffers the noise, making them no noisier than the typical asphalt roof found everywhere else. Able to stand up to snow, heavy wind and rain, extreme heat and cold, metal roofing is finding its way into all kinds of applications.

These types of roofing materials are becoming more common because they help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than other types of roofing. Many people find that their energy bill goes down when they are using a metal roof to cover their home. They can also get more thermal reflectivity from a metal roof which also makes them more popular in colder climates.

Metal roofs fit together with an interlocking mechanism that locks on four sides and not just two or three. It is because of this that they are able to stand up to strong winds, and be better insulated than other traditional types of roofing. Metal roofs are actually considered now as energy efficient roofing.

Metal roofs also use a different type of paint on them which make them very durable because one of the paint coats is made of a metallic and polymer coating and this helps them not to corrode as easily. You can also get them with polymers of a really high quality to make them even better. Using this kind of paint on the metal makes them easier to maintain in the long run. Sound good? Give us a call to find out more. 763.785.1472