Your roof covers one of your most important investments - your home.  So shouldn't what you protect it with be the best?  There are many options to roof your house - including steel, cedar shakes, tile, or asphalt.  While every one of these roofing products has its pros and cons, most homeowners traditionally have chosen asphalt roofing.  It's the most popular residential roofing material, and one of the most economical as far as up-front costs go. 

At Quarve Contracting, one of the Twin Cities area's leading roofing contractors for over 27 years, we specialize in steel roofing, but we also understand that some homeowners prefer standard asphalt shingles.  As so we're happy to install asphalt roofing if that's your preference, but we insist on providing you with the best products available.  That's why we offer asphalt shingles from GAF/Elk and Certainteed.

Why do we choose roofing from these two companies when there are many other asphalt shingle manufacturers?  In our experience, they simply provide the best products as far as ease of installation and overall wear.  They also offer excellent warranties.  GAF and Certainteed are recognized leaders in the roofing industry, and both companies stand behind their products.   So do we.  When you choose Quarve to install asphalt roofing from GAF/Elk or Certainteed, you can be assured you're getting professional workmanship, quality materials, and excellent customer service.  Our crews are highly-trained and experienced roofing professionals, and we've been certified as installers by each company.  What that means for you is that you can be confident we're following the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications when we install their products.

Concerned about environmental impact?  We are, too.  That's why we're committed to following green construction practices.  Also, asphalt shingles are manufactured from natural materials.  If you're interested in covering your home with the best asphalt roofing available, contact Quarve Construction today for a free estimate.  We'll review the options with you and together we'll come up with the best solution for protecting your home with asphalt roofing.