Not all climates are created equal.  So why should siding be? The James Hardie Company understands this, and that’s why they designed the HardieZone® siding system.  James Hardie is the leading siding manufacturer world-wide, and for over 100 years they’ve been producing top-quality building materials like fiberboard cement siding.  That’s why Quarve Contracting installs siding from James Hardie in all MN homes.  We know our customers are interested in protecting their homes with the very best available, and so are we.

When it comes to covering the exterior of your home and protecting what’s inside, you have a lot of options, many of them expensive, high-maintenance, or both.  For instance, brick exteriors are beautiful and add an old-world charm to a home, but brick installation is time-consuming and costly.  Over time the brick discolors and the mortar deteriorates.  Real wood siding provides an incomparable natural beauty, but wood is subject to insect and moisture damage as well as such things like weather-related warping and cracking.  And wood needs periodic re-staining or repainting.

Many homeowners have elected to sheath their homes with low-or no-maintenance siding products such as vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.  But those products have their disadvantages as well.  Aluminum is highly susceptible to denting on impact from such things as hail, and vinyl is prone to cracking in the extreme cold temperatures we experience here in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.  So is there an appropriate product for St. Paul/Minneapolis area homeowners?

At Quarve Contracting we recommend and install the HardieZone® siding system.  These siding products are specifically engineered for particular climate conditions.  And the James Hardie siding recommended for Minnesota weather is guaranteed to stand up to extreme temperature fluctuations, moisture, and harsh weather.  It’s also resistant to damage from insects and rodents.  And except for steel siding, no other exterior siding product is so durable, impact-resistant, and fire-retardant.    In fact, it’s so protective that many insurance companies offer a discount on insurance for homeowners who install James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Help your home stand up to Mother Nature.  Protect it against fire, critter, and insect damage.  Save on your homeowner’s insurance.  And enjoy a low-maintenance, durable home exterior in the process.   Contact Quarve Contracting today for a free estimate.  Let us show you what custom coverage for your home can be like.