Winter has arrived, and with it the threat of ice dams.   Ice dams are a recurrent problem for Minnesota home owners, and if you have one forming, contact an MN ice dam removal professional such as Quarve Contracting for immediate removal. Left in place, ice dams can cause roofing and structural damage to your home, including ceiling leaks and mold formation.  Improper ice dam removal can result in roof damage, so it's best lef to a professional.

Once you have that ice dam removed, it's time to talk to the roofing professionals at Quarve about preventing ice dams from ever forming.  There are all kinds of temporary solutions, ranging from heat tape to roof raking, but only one product is available that is a permanent solution to the ice dam problem.  That's the patented Therma Deck system.  Therma Deck combimes insulation, a reflective barrier, and a unique ventilation system that works in conjunction with soffit and ridge vents to cool the entire roof, carrying heat away and preventing the formation of ice dams from snow melt.

In addition to providing excellent protection against roof ice dams, because of its special ventilation and other features, Therma Deck also works to keep your attic cooler in the summer by reflecting heat off the roof and drawing cooler air underneath the roofing to push the warm attic air out.  A cooler attic can mean a cooler home, which can result in lower cooling bills.

The Therma Deck system is a patented, unique product which is the only permanent ice dam prevention of its kind.  As roofing professionals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for over 27 years, we at Quarve highly recommend Therma Deck if you have problems with repeated ice dadm build-ups on your roof.  Call us today to find out how Therma Deck can help.