If your goal is to get the best deal possible on your home remodeling project, the lowest bid you get is not necessarily the most economical.  If you're considering replacing the windows, siding, or roofing on your Twin Cities home, contact the licensed home improvement pros at Quarve Contracting, one of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area's leading roofing and siding companies for nearly three decades.  Our consultations are always free, and we can help you save money in more ways than the installation cost. 

For instance, we highly recommend steel roofing, even though the product cost is higher than traditional asphalt shingles.  Still, steel roofing can be your most economical choice.  Why?  Steel is exceptionally durable, and no other roofing material withstands severe weather like heavy snow, wind-driven rain, and hail like steel.   Because of its durability and noncombustability, many insurance companies offer discounts to home owners who install steel roofing.  Also, steel roofing reduces heat transfer, so you could realize significant savings on your heating and cooling bills.  Finally, due to the lighter weight of steel roofing when compared to other roofing materials, steel can usually be installed over an existing roof, saving the cost of roof tear-off and disposal.  Roof removal can be a substantial part of a roof replacement cost, but not when you choose steel roofing.

Replacing your windows?  If you've chosen an inexpensive option, those cheaper windows may cost you more money in the long run in terms of window maintenance as well as heating and cooling loss.  And they may not last as long as windows whose up-front cost is higher.

If your goal is to enhance the value of your home, you should know that not all home improvement products provide that benefit.  While some may improve the outward appearance of your home, they will provide absolutely no increase in value.  An experienced home improvement professional like Quarve Contracting can help you make choices that will actually improve your home's value as well as allowing you to recoup your return on investment quickly in terms of maintenance and energy savings.

And then there's the cost that you can't really put a price on - the service you get from your contractor.  That low-ball estimate you received might be an attractive price, but will you get the top-notch service you need and deserve?  Will that contractor promptly return your calls, or will you feel like you're chasing him down?  How about callbacks?  For us, if they are needed, they are a priority.

At Quarve Contracting, we've been helping Minneapolis/St. Paul area residents save money on their home improvement projects for nearly three decades.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.