It seems like ice dams are inevitable if you live in Minnesota.  Those icicle-producing ice ridges keep coming back, year after year.  You've tried all the recommended prevention methods, installed heat tape, raked your roof repeatedly, and still those ice dams return.  The good news is that you can get rid of them permanently with a permanent ice dam prevention system. 

Quarve Contracting is excited to announce that they now sell and install the patented Therma Deck roofing system.  This multi-layer roofing product is installed underneath the outer roofing and is designed as a permanent solution to ice dam buildup on roofs.  Despite a variety of physical causes, ice dams on roofs basically result when the upper area of the roof is warmed.  This causes the snow on the roof to melt.   Look at the homes around you - if you notice bare patches on the top of the roof but the lower portion is snow-covered, chances are that snow is hiding ice dams.

When an ice dam forms on your roof, it's important to have it removed as soon as possible.  We don't recommend attempting this yourself, because not only is a roof in winter a dangerous place to be if you're not trained in working on one, you can actually cause damage to your roofing by improper removal methods.  Quarve Contracting handles professional ice dam removal - so please protect yourself and your roof by letting us take care of it for you.

But ice dam removal isn't a permanent solution to the problem.  That's why we've added installation of the Therma Deck systtem to the exterior home improvement services we offer.  Whatever your outer roof, Therma Deck is designed to be a permanently-installed, permanent ice dam prevention.  And since it's installed underneath your outer roofing, it's undetectable.  The only thing that will tell your friends and neighbors it's at work is that your roof will be snow-covered and ice dam-free.

If ice dams are a problem for your Minneapolis area home, contact Quarve Contracting today for ice dam removal and prevention.  Ice dam's shouldn't be ignored when they form, as roof damage can occur, and mid-winter roof repairs can be costly and inconvenient.  Let us help you prevent them.  Call us today.