Many people have decided the best way to protect their housing investment and save money is to stay in their current house. There's good news, you can increase the value of your house by carefully considering the maintenance investments you make.  One of the best opportunities for a great payback on your investment can be found in putting metal steel roofing on your house. If you're looking at a new roof considering the change from asphalt shingles to metal steel roofing can provide a big payoff.

Here in the North Country our roofs are vulnerable to the weather and insurance claims.  We have wind, hail, and fire. You see asphalt shingles on neighbor’s roofs or other homes while out for a drive that are curled, splitting, and molding. For most of us that brings the question home: How old is my roof? Typically, your asphalt roof could last for 12-15+ years, but with the right weather elements. Plus putting snow, ice dams, snow weight on the roof causes a whole new host of worries that result from snow. Because when we get the heaviest wettest snows out come the ladders, snow rakes, the calls to the roof snow removal crews, and the envy of those neighbor's with the heating rods on their roofs.

Lighten up your worries, time, and save your back with metal steel roofing from Quarve, the Minneapolis, Minnesota Remodeling Contractor who can install a Modern Durable Alternative energy efficient roof that will make your roof virtually resistant to weather and will increase your house's fire resistance.  You may qualify for a homeowner's insurance discount because your insurance company will know you put on a steel roof that is going to stay put and is maintenance free. Plus, you'll get a green roof since metal steel roofs are made from natural and recycled materials.

Call Quarve 763-785-1472 today the Minneapolis exterior remodeling contractor to help with your roofing, siding, or replacement windows and doors for your St. Paul/Minneapolis home.