Inspecting your roof with binoculars after a storm isn't the easiest thing to do. In Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding Greater Twin Cities we can experience a 100-degree shift in temperature in one year. The resulting weather sometimes brings us wind, hail, snow, and rainstorms that can cause damages to your roof. Sometimes a homeowner can check on outside damage caused to their roof because they can see their shingles are cracking, curling, and missing. Or that their siding is dented and chipped. Other times they can see the damage inside because there are water leaks and water stains. But what we don't recommend and what isn't necessary is for homeowners to go up on their roofs for an update.

Let Quarve, the roofing storm damage expert serving Minneapolis and St. Paul and Minnesota do that for you. We can respond quickly if you call due to storms damaging your roofs, siding, and windows. Our on staff storm experts have the roofing and siding expertise to know what they are looking for and to work with your insurance company to resolve any claims efficiently.  Knowing what the "telltale marks" are for storm roofing damage is what our professionally trained employees do.

Reviewing your house every time there is any severe weather is what Quarve, the Minnesota storm damage roofing contractor recommends to all of the thousands of customers it has served for the past 27+ years. If you have had tornadoes, tornado like force winds, straight-line winds, hail, or heavy pounding wind-driven rain it's time to have your entire exterior inspected by one of our experienced roofing and siding experts.

Hidden damage can be occurring even while your asphalt shingles look good, they could be letting a steady stream of insects and moisture in your roofing. Siding that looks fine could have damp areas beneath its seams, allowing rotting and causing mold. Take the guesswork out of determining how healthy your roof is call Quarve, the MN remodeling contractor to come out to review your roof.