Minnesotans were surprised last yesr when a strong hail storm passed through the Minneapolis region, causing thousands of dollars in roofing and siding damage to thousands of homes in the area. Hail starts out in the atmosphere as large as 2’ in diameter, but are more often about the size of a gold ball by the time they get here to the earth’s surface. Traveling from a few thousand feet in the air, at about 48 miles per second, these hailstones begin to melt down to a manageable size, if you can call it that. Nevertheless, even at this size, hail still causes thousands of dollars in damage every time it comes.

Minnesota roofing is the main victim of hail, but siding, landscaping, and cars are also feeling the brunt of yesterday’s storms. What homeowners need to remember is that hail can easily punch a hole in their shingles, and cause them to come lose. If the hail was accompanied by strong winds, it often peals open a spot on the roof that homeowners will never know about until the water starts to come inside.

This is why Quarve Contracting offers free storm damage estimates for our clients. We understand that what you don’t know WILL hurt you at time like this, and we are committed to serving our community all year long.

Don’t be swayed by those who knock on your door, asking to see if you had any damage, these roofing repair crews are transient, and will look for anything to make a claim on your insurance. Before you let anyone up on your roof, make sure they are properly insured and carry a valid MN license, or you could find yourself liable for any accidents that might take place.

Hail and ice are dangerous enough without letting some eager stranger crawl around on your roof, use your local contractor that will be here after this surge of work is completed.  Money comes and goes, and those who chase after it will too. Make sure  you call Quarve Contracting before you sign any other bids; we will be here when you need us, all year long. 763-785-1472