With spring just around the corner, you may have realized you've put off replacing the roof on your Stillwater home about as long as you possibly can.  Those shingles are continuing to lose granules, and more than one area is loose and curling.  Plus that telltale ceilings stain in the upstairs bedroom tells you there is a leak somewhere.  If you know it's time to replace your roof but you're interested in a greener solution than asphalt roofing, Quarve Contracting is the St. Paul area roofing contractor to call, because Quarve specializes in green roofing as well as being committed to green construction practices.  At Quarve the roofing professionals believe that it is possible to put a great, durable roof on a home without negatively impacting the environment. As a part of their commitment to green construction, Quarve is proud to recommend and install steel roofing systems from Kassel & Irons.  Kasselwood steel roofing replicates the beauty of natural cedar shakes (or other popular roofing profiles) without the environmental consequences.  If you're interested in a greener roofing system, steel roofing has many advantages, including:
  • Weight:  Overall it is lighter than asphalt or other traditional roofing materials.  What this means for you is that most likely a Kasselwood steel roof can be installed over your existing roof without putting an excessive load on your roof structure.  That means no labor cost for tear-offs, no disposal cost for your old roofing materials, and no old roofing ending up in a landfill.
  • Durability:  Compared to other roofing materials, steel roofing is exceptionally durable.  When you install a Kasselwood roof, it is quite likely the last roof you'll ever need.  No more roof replacements means no further construction debris to dispose of.
  • Energy Savings:  Most homeowners who install steel roofing realize substantial reduction in energy consumption for heating and cooling.
If you're interested in a greener roof for your Stillwater or other Twin Cities area home, call the roofing professionals at Quarve Contracting today.  Quarve also offers green solutions for other home exterior remodeling needs such as siding and windows as well.  Estimates are always free and cheerfully given.