Looking to give your Minneapolis area home's exterior a makeover?  Consider the natural beauty and traditional charm of genuine cedar shake siding.  Real wood siding products such as cedar shakes offer many advantages, including:
  • Durability:  Cedar has a long-standing reputation as a durable building material.  Native American groups in the Pacific Northwest built their dwellings out of cedar.  Many homes over 100 years old still have the original cedar siding in place.  It will last longer than most other traditional building materials other than steel.
  • Environmental friendliness:  Cedar shake siding is made out of wood, a renewable resource.  What's more, when the siding has reached the end of usefulness or needs to be replaced for any other reason, it is completely recyclable.  Construction scraps are also recyclable.
  • Unmatched beauty:  Nothing comes close to the warmth and charm of genuine cedar shakes.  Cedar has a distinctive wood grain.  And real cedar shakes come in a wide range of colors from warm gold to soft brown.  Left unstained, the wood will slowly weather and age to a natural ash tone.
  • Versatility:  Cedar shakes can either be sealed and left in their natural color state, or they can be stained with any transparent or solid color wood stain.  Cedar may also be painted, which means you have the option of periodically changing the color scheme of your home's exterior without replacing the siding.
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