Unseasonably warm winters.  Higher than average spring temperatures.  Heavy winds and rain on a warm day, bringing tornadoes followed by...snow!  Yes, the changing seasons in Minnesota often bring us four seasons of temperature changes and preciptation within a week.  Rapid and severe temperature shifts followed by wind-driven rain, high tornado-force winds, and even snow in what should be warm weather can spell havoc for a home' s exterior, unless your home is protected by exterior building products such as roofing and siding designed to withstand Minnesota's unpredictable and often harsh climate.

Most building products--especially those designed for exterior use--are a "one type fits all" design.  Unfortunately, roofing shingles that perform well in the hot, dry heat of Arizona fall short when exposed to high winds as well a heavy snows and rains that are typical of the weather in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Vinyl siding that performs well as a moisture barrier chips and shatters in the face of large hail.

Fortunately, for homeowners in the Forest Lake and surrounding areas, Quarve Contracting has some climate-appropriate exterior home protection solutions.  For nearly three decades Quarve has been helping Minneapolis/St. Paul home and business owners protect, preserve, and improve their properties, and one of the ways they can do that is by offering building solutions tailored for Minnesota weather.  Two of these product lines include:
  • James Hardie Company's HardieZone siding and accessories, specifically engineered for eight different climate profiles.  One of these is just right for the changeable and wildly varying temperatures, moisture, and wind which experience here in the Twin Cities.
  • Steel roofing from Kassel & Irons.  This incredibly durable yet lightweight roofing product can be applied right over your existing roof, saving tear-off and disposal costs.  High winds can't disturb it, moisture can't find a way in, and winter snows slide right off, leaving no room for ice dams.
If you're interested in finding more about these climate-specific home improvement products, as well as the other exterior home remodeling services Quarve offers, contact us today at (763) 785-1472.  In addition to roofing and siding for Forest Lake, we serve the entire metro area, including the surrounding communities of Lino Lakes, Hugo, and Anoka.