In these uncertain economic times, protecting your investments has never been more important.  And for most people, the biggest investment they will ever make is in their homes.  Doesn't it make sense to protect that investment with the strongest, most enduring products possible?  Quarve Contracting, one of the leading roofing companies in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area, recommends steel roofing and siding as the best home protection improvements possible.  No building materials withstand the harsh and changeable weather Minnesota's climate offers as steel.  Quarve is proud to sell and install seamless steel siding from U.S. Seamless as well as steel roofing from Kassel & Irons. You roof is your home's first line of defense, and the siding is the "skin" that protects everything inside.  So why not cover and surround your home with the strength and endurance of steel?  Here are just some of the advantages of steel roofing and siding:
  • Steel roofing is lightweight; in most cases it can be installed over an existing roof, which saves money on tear-offs and keeps more roofing materials out of landfills
  • Steel is a "green" building product - nothing synthetic, and any residue or scrap is recyclable.
  • Steel is noncombustible, protecting your home from fire better than any traditional building products such as wood, vinyl, or asphalt or wood shingles.
  • Many insurance companies now offer discounts to homeowners who install steel roofing and/or siding.
  • Steel resists insect and rodent infestation, and is not susceptible to mold or mildew.
  • Steel is highly resistant to damage from hail.
For nearly three decades, the roofing and siding professionals at Quarve Contracting have been helping homeowners in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area protect and preserve the investments in their homes.  Call us today at (763) 785-1472 to see how we can help you.