If you've been paying attention to the local weather news lately, you know that severe weather has hit Minnesota.  Tornados and tennis-ball hail have struck many areas near the Twin Cities.  Fortunately the metro area hasn't been hit hard yet, except by some wind-driven heavy rains.  But the storm season is only midway through, so the possibilities of a damaging storm system striking your area are still strong.  Is your home ready to withstand Mother Nature's spring tantrums?  Quarve Contracting, the leading roofing company in the Minneapolis/St. .Paul area
  • Is your roof in good shape - no curling shingles, no missing roofing?
  • Check your siding - look for loose, warped, or cracked sections
  • Check your exterior window frames - do they fit snug in their openings, and is the caulk in good shape or is it missing or cracked?
These are just some of the problem areas to be aware of.  If you think you have some damaged or questionable areas, now is the time to get a professional opinion, because compromised roofing or siding can result in some major damage during a storm.  Granted, there is no building material that can guarantee it will stand up to all Minnesota weather has to offer, there are certain products that can provide better protection than others.  For instance:
  • New replacement windows which fit snugly inside window openings won't let in air and moisture like old loose, deteriorated window frames can.  In addition, most modern replacement windows are low- or no-maintenance, so you get better home protection while you save time.
  • James Hardie siding products are climate-engineered, and we carry the line specifically designed for Midwest weather conditions
  • Steel roofing and steel siding are more resistant to damage from hail and wind-driven rains than other roofing and siding products.
If you're wondering whether your home is adequately protected from Mother Nature, call the exterior home remodeling company that's been serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for nearly three decades.  And if you do suffer damage from the next storm, we're storm damage repair experts, and we're highly experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters.   Our estimates are always free.  Call us today at (763) 785-1467.