Spring thunderstorms bring inevitable lightning strikes, and periodically a building catches fire as a result.  This is what fire investigators believe happened to a high-end home in the eastern metro area recently.  Fortunately the owners were not at home and no one was injured, but the second floor (including the roof) suffered major damage from the fire that resulted.    Quarve Contracting, the St. Paul/Minneapolis area's leading roofing contractor, wants you to know that there are steps you can take to prevent something like this from occurring with your home.

Most traditional exterior building products such as siding and roofing are combustible.  Since these two materials cover a majority of the home's exterior, that means that unless noncombustible or fire-resistant materials are used instead, in the face of a lightning strike, the house provides fuel for a fire rather than a defense against it.   The answer?  Steel roofing and steel or James Hardie fiber cement siding.  Steel is naturally noncombustible, and tests have shown that James Hardie fiber cement is second only to metal siding in terms of fire resistance.

Quarve knows that you want to your home to be attractive as well as well-protected from lightning damage.  That's why they offer a wide range of roofing and siding products that are as beautiful as they are durable and fire-resistant.  Now you can give your home an attractive facelift while you protect and preserve it from Mother Nature's unpredictably dangerous side.  And when you install steel roofing and/or siding or James Hardie fiber cement siding, your homeowner's insurance company may give you a discount as well, due to their safety rating.

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