Going green, saving money on energy costs, increasing energy efficiency, reducing maintenance, improving air quality all sound like the right things to do for MN homeowners. Finding a partner that is knowledgable and a certified MNGreenStar remodeler is key. If you decide to go green when remodeling your home's exterior, consider Quarve Contracting, a local Green Remodeling Contractor in Minnesota.   Quarve has already completed two MN GreenStar remodeling  projects in the metro area.  We will save you money and improve your home''s value.

What do the terms  "going green" or  "green building" actually mean? Many people think it's making energy efficiency a goal for your home as well as promoting earth conservation. Those are the foundation of any green building project.  In green building, the right design can reduce your heating and cooling costs. But there is more to it than that.  Quarve as a Minneapolis area roofing contractor has been doing business in Minneapolis and St. Paul for nearly 30 years.  We specialize in green construction materials and practices.  This home improvement and remodeling  company makes green changes viewing the whole house as a system. We'll focus on what you want to accomplish and what you'd like including new siding, roofing, and  windows.

A green idea we can recoomend:  Adding an aluminum or metal roof will keep your roof cooler during the summer as it reflects solar radiant heat. In the winter, the metal roof will prevent snow and ice build up and help keep your roof free of snow! At the same time you are saving energy costs. The proportion of recyled metal materials in metal roofs is high, so they are considered to be green roofing materials. Plus, unnecessary waste is eliminated during re-roofing a house with metal as it can be installed right over the existing asphalt roof. This helps save the landfills also.

If you are focusing on exterior remodeling, have storm damage, or are just considering changes with an eye towards "going green," contact Quarve Construction, the energy-efficient roofing specialists.  We can help you buy and install the last roof you ever need to purchase.  Call today  - (763) 785-1472.