Love the look of cedar or other shake siding but can't bear the thought of trees being cut to get that warm and charming traditional appeal?  Quarve Contracting, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area's leading roofing contractor for nearly three decades, offers shake-look metal roofing systems, including Kasselwood steel roofing from Kassel & Irons.  This green roofing product replicates the beauty and style of wood shake roofing while providing the strength, durability, and no-maintenance appeal of steel.

Made from natural materials, steel roofing also provides these other advantages which make it a great green roofing solution:

  • Roofing materials are recyclable
  • Steel roofing is lightweight - tear-off of your old roof can be avoided in most cases, which means much less debris going into a landfill
  • Steel roofing, when properly installed, can help you save money on heating and cooling costs
Kasselwood steel roofing comes in a variety of natural and decorator colors, and many Minnesota homeowners are beautifying their homes and protecting them with the incredible durability of steel roofing.  Modern steel roofing is not the "barn roof" most people think of when they hear the term steel roof.  Metal roofing systems are fire, hail, and wind-damage resistant.  And because they're great at reducing heat transfer in and out of your home through the roof, they can actually save you money on heating and cooling.  That's another environmentally-friendly reason to choose Kasselwood steel roofing.  And though winter is a long way off, ice dams can often be a problem with traditional asphalt or wood shake roofs, but not with steel roofing. If you're interested in learning more about Kasselwood steel roofing (or any of the other metal roofing systems Quarve installs), contact the Minneapolis roofing solution pros at Quarve Contracting today.  Consultations and estinates are always no-obligation and no-cost.  Quarve provides roofing and other exterior remodeling services to home and business owners in the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area, including the northern suburbs  of White Bear Lake and Vadnais Heights.