Believe it or not, severe storms including high winds and hail often happen in the fall, too.  Are you prepared to deal with an emergency concerning your home?  Just about everyone knows to call 911 in case of an emergency.  But have you got an emergency storm damage repair phone number handy?  With the potential for fall storms in the Twin Cities, it's a good idea to post the number of a storm damage repair company like Quarve Contracting with your list of urgent numbers.  In case of severe storm damage to your home, after you've handled the emergency calls like the one to your utility company, your next call should be to Quarve.  For nearly three decades the storm damage  professionals  at Quarve have been helping Minneapolis and St. Paul area residents recover from the aftermath of tornadoes, heavy rains, high winds, and hail.  They are used to working directly with insurance adjusters, so they are experienced in helping homeowners recover all they are entitled to under a claim against their homeowner's insurance.

Storm damage repair doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process.  In fact, the sooner the repairs are made, the better.  Damaged areas - especially roofs and siding - are susceptible to additional damage as well as insect and rodent infiltration.  And if the damage involves exposing the underlying structure of your home or even parts of the interior, speedy repairs are all the more important to prevent the need for even more costly repairs.  It's quicker and less expensive to take care of damage to your home's "skin" (the siding and roof) then it is to repair structural components and interior walls and ceilings.

Following a severe storm or any hail storm, it's a good idea to take a critical look at your home's exterior.  Be on the lookout for such things as loose shingles, warped or gaping siding, or windows not sitting snug in their frames, etc.   If you see any of these telltale signs - or even if you suspect the storm may have caused damage, call Quarve for a free inspection.  A professional going-over can give you the peace of mind you need to be sure your home is intact, or in case of damage, that it can be repaired quickly by a licensed, experienced professional storm damage repair expert.

With the potential for severe fall weather, and with winter just around th corner, be sure to keep Quarve's number at hand.  Call us day or night at (763) 786-1472 if you have had or suspect you may have storm damage.  We'll get to it quickly and help you get back to life as normal.