When comparing costs of siding for your home, be sure to evaluate more than just the upfront cost.  There are two factors you should keep in mind that can affect overall cost:  how well the siding resists absorbing moisture, and its impact resistance.  Siding which has a poor resistance to either impact or moisture can cost you money in the long run with repair and replacement costs due to damage, not only to the siding but possibly to your home’s structure as well.  For example, seamless steel siding may cost more up front than some other choices such as vinyl, but it is practically impervious to moisture and incredibly resistant to impact damage.

Moisture absorption is of particular importance, because not only can it damage the siding, but it can cause water to infiltrate into the underlying structure and cause rot, mildew, or mold.  Moisture problems can result both from the material itself absorbing water, as well as water getting behind the siding by way of gaps or loose siding sections.

Inadequate impact resistance means that your siding can be easily damaged from hail, blowing debris, and cracked siding is also an inlet for water, insects, and rodents.  Even if your siding doesn’t dent or crack, the finish may be damaged by impacts.  Your siding is subject to a much harsher life than you might imagine.  The wind blows tree branches, passing cars throw up rocks, neighborhood children toss balls, and rainstorms sometimes bring hail.  All of these can spell trouble for siding which has poor impact resistance.

If you're considering replacing your existing siding, talk to an experienced siding contractor who handles a variety of materials and can help you compare costs of different siding choices.  Be sure to ask about impact and moisture resistance, because these properties will contribute to the cost of maintaining your siding over its expected useful life.  Quarve Contracting is a licensed building contractor providing siding and other home improvement services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Call today -