With the oncoming winter season, the issue of ice build up on roofs comes up again. There are many options for deicing systems, but HotEdge has created a new ice dam option which is energy efficient and simple to maintain.

This new ice prevention system boasts of a three-sided channel to guide ice melt to the canal at the edge of the panel and drip edge, as well as a self regulating 13W heating cable. Because the system uses fewer materials than most other systems on the market, it offers savings in supply costs. It is estimated to use less than half the energy than systems which use zigzag wiring or heat tape.

Part of what makes this system unique is that it provides easy access to insert, inspect and replace the cable. Unlike other designs, this means that when the life of the wiring ends 10-20 years after instillation, there will be no hassle of dealing with a metal overhang.

This energy-saving system complies with the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 426, which requires all de-icing roof systems to have a ground fault protection of 30mA. It can be used on new shake, composite or asphalt shingle roofs. It can also be easily fitted to an older asphalt roof without need of penetrating the roof deck. HotSheet comes in 4 different colors, in addition to its natural copper. The system is painted with a 20-year modified polyester paint.

This new system by HotSheet is made up of the following elements:

  • Panel with drip edge
  • HotEdge Rail
  • Heat cable of commercial grade and certified for gutter and roof de-icing
HotSheet has been awarded the Certificate of Compliance, which means this manufacturer is the only one currently with its ice prevention system UL Listed. If ice dam build-up is a problem on your roof, contact Quarve Contracting before the snow falls.  We have ice dam prevention solutions plus we handle ice dam removal in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Call 763-785-1472.