Properly insulated attics are important both for preventing ice dams and reducing energy use.  Bob Vila addresses the importance of insulation in his radio broadcast and provides links on how to optimize your insulation.

R-values are the measurement of how effectively insulation keeps heat from escaping. The most important part of the house to insulate is the attic floor because heat rises. Adding a buffer to keep your home warmer longer will help lower your energy costs and add comfort to the colder months.

Most new materials already have built-in insulation like polyurethane foam, cellulose or fiberglass, but many homes need a refresher for their attic insulation to increase R-values. One way to do this is to spray cellulite into holes cut into holes cut into the material just under the house’s exterior.

If you're not sure whether your attic has sufficient insulation to prevent problems this winter, contact a roofing professional such as Quarve Contracting.