One of the most crucial parts to maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure is its roof.  Even minor damage, when left untended, can lead to structural deterioration and costlier repairs.  Minor storm damage often has many homeowners tempted to handle roof repairs themselves.  While this may seem like a smart money-saving move, it could end up being costly.  A professional roofing contractor understands how the various components of a roof work together, as well as the importance of each.  If you’re not extremely familiar with roofing, you could end up unintentionally making the problem worse.  And in some cases, attempting repairs yourself could void any warranty you might have on your roofing.

While most roof repairs are best left to experienced roofing contractors, in the event of damage from such things as wind or hail storms, there are some things you can do to minimize further problems until your roof repair professional arrives. If there are missing sections of shingles or even a hole, it’s a good idea to cover the affected area with a waterproof covering such as a tarp.  Be sure it is stretched tight over the area so that the wind won’t dislodge it.  Then wait for your roofer to do a damage inspection.

At Quarve Contracting, we've been providing Minneapolis/St. Paul area homeowners with roofing and other exterior home remodeling services for nearly three decades.  We're very experienced with storm damage repairs - give us a call if a big storm has your roof in need of help.