With the weather turning colder, rodents and insects are looking for a warm place for the winter.   Squirrels, mice, bugs, and even small mammals such as raccoons can find their way into homes.  Is your home an option for them?  Here are some things you can do to discourage uninvited pest guests this winter.
  • Walk around the exterior of your house looking for any openings such as cracks in the foundation, loose siding, or small holes.  Mice can get in through incredibly small openings, and right now insects such as ladybugs and box elder bugs are moving indoors in the Twin Cities.  Caulk or make necessary repairs to close up any openings.
  • Inspect areas where pipes, wires, and cables enter your home.  Use spray foam insulation or caulk as appropriate to seal around these areas.
  • Trim bushes and shrubs near your foundation.
  • Repair holes in screens.
  • Remove debris from your gutters.
  • Windows and doors should close tightly, without any gaps.
  • Check your weatherstripping and door sweeps and replace if needed.  Insects and mice often enter a home via loose or missing door sweeps.  The sweep should not just touch the floor, it should actually curl slightly against it to provide a good barrier.
  • Check your attic for insects.  They prefer warmer areas, so carefully inspect south-facing walls and near windows.
While you can't make sure that you have absolutely no insects or rodents entering your home, you can significantly reduce the possibility by taking precautions.  In addition to the above steps, you may want to have a roof inspection to make sure you have no loose roofing or holes which could also provide entry.  Those areas are also spots for potential leaks, so you'll want to have a roof repair contractor take care of that. Your home is most likely the largest investment you'll ever make, so it's important to protect it and keep up with regular maintenance to prevent problems.  If we can be of assistance with exterior home repairs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, please give us a call.