Does your main entry reflect well on your personal taste?  Does it communicate what you'd like?  Style is very personal; sometimes what’s in style doesn’t match what homeowners like. For instance, retro can mean “fun,” but for others it an be sore on the eyes.  Although this could be disturbing in any part of the home, it’s especially important to make sure the first thing you see when you step into the house doesn’t leave a poor impression.

An example of this would be of a white brick wall with black grout. Although the look can be fun, if the bricks aren’t properly installed, the black will only highlight the defects instead of the originally desired geometric look. In this case, there’s no time like the present to get started on some remodeling.  Prying brick by brick takes a lot of effort and my not work. If it does, it can increase the likelihood of damaging the underlying structure anyway. Sometimes it’s easiest just to knock the wall down and start from scratch.  Then once new sheetrock is put up, inspiration can be taken from décor further on in the house. Doing this will not only give visitors a good impression right off the bat, but also tie the overall decoration of the home together more cohesively.

If your entry is split level, take a cue from the upper room. Beautiful woodwork can be mimicked from the upper room in the new entry. Since the lower space is almost always smaller, it’s often a good idea to opt for light colors to open it up, but adding the same kind of crowning, or other trim, can be a great way of extending the decorating and unifying the home further.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Contrasting mahogany woodwork with cream paint can add a balance to the overall environment and add flow to the decorating scheme of the home.  When the final look welcomes you and your guests with comfort instead of unease, you can take a moment to step back and feel pride in your accomplishment. It’ll be well deserved.

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