Here in the Minneapolis area we may be far removed from the recent storms on the East coast, but we get our share of severe weather in Minnesota as well.  No matter where you live, nasty weather must be considered when looking at roofing. Included in Bob Vila’s radio broadcast are great links to more information.

The first thing to think about when looking at a roof is the kind of conditions to expect. In arid areas, make sure it’s made out of some sort of fire proof material, like slate. In areas prone to high winds, look at the shape. Gable-style roofing is more apt to be torn off than hip style because it’s more likely to catch the wind.

Especially pertinent for this area is water resistance on your roof.  Waterproofing is also essential to any homeowner. Adding moisture-proofed underlayment before the roofing will prevent unnecessary damage later on.  Your roof is your home's first line defense against weather.  Make sure it can stand up to Mother Nature.