If you’re lucky enough to build your own house, the possibilities for looks and amenities are almost endless. One of the most important things to think about is the style of interior doors you want. Like windows, their style can change the feel of a house while offering privacy when it’s desired.

One option that has many advantages is the pocket door. They can mimic almost any look, including the majestic French door, and always add a unique character to a room. However, there are some places in which they work better than others. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when making a decision.

  • They take up less space. Since they’re hidden in the wall when open, there’s more room to maneuver in smaller houses.
  • It’s not possible to add wiring for outlets or light switches by this type of door. This is because there needs to be space in the wall to stow the door when it’s open.
  • There’s not much hardware to pocket doors. This is because they need to be slim enough to fit their slots. This means there’s no knob, but just enough room to allow a finger to draw them closed. Although there is the option to add a locking mechanism, the locks themselves are specialized. They’re also generally more expensive than traditional options.
  • If something goes wrong with the track or other hardware, it’s hard to get at. Because these doors need to be hidden, it’s naturally difficult to access it for repairs.
As with any choice, pros and cons must be weighed. Although they may have a few drawbacks, pocket doors can add a unique beauty and utility to a room. Overall, if space is a concern and the drawbacks are considered marginal, pocket doors can be a very smart choice. Interesting ideas for homes are things we like to pass along.  We want you to love your Minnesota home, and we offer a wide variety of home improvement services to increase the pleasure you find  in your home as well as help you protect and preserve your investment.