Are you looking for some unique touches for your home?  Everyone’s made questionable purchases before, but some people are able to turn their odd collections into truly remarkable home enhancements. The door featured in this entry at DIY diva is a great example of an innovation-fueled creation.

Complete with providing pictures of each step, the author details how she turned left over wood from an old barn and salvaged doors into a beautiful accent door. The frankly worded instructions also include how she handled the almost always inevitable contradiction between repeated measurement and real world physics. If at first the door doesn’t fit, take a planer to it.

In addition to being a great example of creativity, the finished product reflects her quirky and creative personality. Isn’t that what customizing your home all about?  We've been helping Twin Cities area homeowners love their homes for nearly thirty years, and one-of-a-kind touches like this can help make your home a reflection of you.