One recent innovation in roof installation is a process called "hot roof."  Unlike traditional roofing where there is ventilation in the attic between the roof and insulation, "hot roofs" involve application of closed-cell spray foam insulation directly to the underside of the roof decking.  Closed-cell foam is an attractive insulator, because no other product can match its R-value.  This type of process is especially appropriate for older 1-1/2 story houses where retrofiting soffit venting to provide adequate ventilation is often challenging.

But before you jump at adding this type of insulation to your attic this winter, read this Star Tribune article first.  Apparently Minnesota building code has conflicting provisions, so building inspectors in each municipality interpret the code differently.  The article contains a list of certain communities that have approved or disallowed hot roofs, but the best advice is to check with your local building inspector before proceeding.

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