Unless you've got a recently-built home, chances are your exterior could use some remodeling to update and refresh its appearance and add to its curb appeal.  There are a variety of projects you can take on - singly or in combination - which not only will add to your home's outside beauty but will also give you a chance to have your home reflect your personal style.  This can be especially appealing if you live in a subdivision where the mass post-war housing boom in the 50's and 60's resulted in block after block of cookie-cutter homes - ranch, split level, etc., but all looking pretty much the same.  If this is your home, here's your chance to make yours unique.

Many homeowners would like to make a major change but are held back but uncertainty as to the finished product.  Here's where technology has really made advances in helpful tools.  There are online resources (search for "visualizer tools") that can give you an idea of what your home could look like in a different color or with a stone veneer, replacement windows, or even more major changes.  Doing some research before you meet with a contractor to discuss your plans will help get the conversation going, and it will help you stay focused on what you really are hoping to accomplish.

If your goal is simply to refresh your home's look, then new siding, replacement windows, and/or new entry doors would probably fit the bill.  If you need a little more cosmetic work, consider adding shutters, grilles, or other accessories to enhance your existing design.  These changes are fairly simple to make and are great for situations when you love the basic overall design of your home but it just looks old and tired.   One major change you could make which would definitely change your home's look is adding a steel roof with a slate or shake profile if  your asphalt roof is in need of replacement.   This should not involve any structural change.

Going a little further involves some structural work, but even that can be kept to something simple, such as adding dormers to the roof, a gable over your front entry, or sidelights flanking your front door.  You can take your renovations even one step further by bringing it all the way out into your yard.  Have you considered a low stone wall at the curb?  What about replacing your run-of-the-mill cement front walk with flagstones or a brick walkway?

Some improvements can add value to your home some will increase its energy efficiency, while others will simply help you love the look of your home more.  If you need help with exterior home remodeling, call us today - consultations are free.