Home remodeling projects can be a major cause of stress for most people.  In addition to the expense and the incredible mountain of choices to be made, details to be figured out, and logistics of scheduling, there is the disruption in routine that accompanies it.  Yes, home improvement projects can upset your normal flow of life, but it doesn't have to press you to the point you wonder if you've lost your mind for taking on such an endeavor. Read more on keeping your cool under remodeling pressure from this author, who comes from three generations of construction workers.  She knows first-hand some of the things you're going through, and she has some good advice to help you get through the project and come out on the other end loving your home and being glad you did it. Helping Minneapolis and St. Paul area homeownres love their homes and protect their investments is what Quarve Contracting has been doing for nearly three decades.  If you  need some TLC for your home, give us a call.