When it comes to maintaining or remodeling their houses, homeowners face a broad variety of available options. One recurrent maintenance task for most homes is roof repair and replacement. When options are researched, the choices out there can be mind boggling. All materials have their pros and cons, but a metal roof might be the right choice for you.  Metal roofing has many good points to it, but below are just a few of the better ones.
  • Longer Lasting
With the right care, metal roofing can stay in great shape throughout the life of the house. This means that it won’t need to be replaced roughly every 15-30 years, like asphalt roofing does, while maintaining both function and appearance.
  • Color Options
Although it’s possible to paint a metal roof, it can be a difficult and dangerous task, especially if the roof has multiple levels or a sharp peak. Fortunately, many different companies offer quite a few different color options.   For example, Atlas International's Dutch seam aluminum roofing comes in 33 fade -resistant colors. Kassel & Irons offers pre-finished steel roofing in a variety of colors and design profiles.
  • Long-Term Cost
Although metal roofing costs more to install at around $400 per square, it pays for itself in time. This is because it lasts so much longer than asphalt roofing. Asphalt roofing costs about $170 per square, and when it needs to be replaced, that bill comes right back to haunt the homeowner. With metal roofing, that bill won’t come back, because it won’t need to be replaced. R.S. Means Repair & Remodeling Cost Data guidebook provided these estimates, so the actual material and installation cost may be different in your area.

Homeowners who have opted for metal roofing benefit from the above advantages, but many also find joy in the small, day-to day-advantages they offer. Something as simple as the sound of rain hitting the roof, for example, can become a new, soothing lullaby on a cold night.  (Think soft pitter-patter, not the deafening thud you associate with barn roofs; today's metal roofs - when properly installed - are as quiet as traditional roofing.

Quarve Contracting offers a variety of metal roofing and other green building solutions for exterior home remodeling in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.