In the dark about what to do about the federal ban on incandescent light bulbs?  Traditional light bulbs are leaving the store shelves quickly, and stockpiles of some wattages - especially 100 watt - are almost exhausted.  Retailers report of customers purchasing bulk amounts of their remaining stock, but eventually even a horde of bulbs is going to wear out, and sooner or later everyone will have to convert to the new lighting alternatives.

Environmental concerns led to the ban on manufacturing incandescent bulbs as of January 2012, but existing stock is still available for sale.  Congress prohibited the Department of Energy from acting on the ban, so bulbs made before the law went into effect are still available for purchase.  But what will happen when the store shelves are emptied of these bulbs?  There are a number of alternatives, and the only one that comes close to the natural lighting feel of incandescents is an LED recently introduced by Sylvania - at a cost of $49.95 per bulb.  If you're wondering where things are going with lighting, read this article.