Although smaller homes are more affordable and charming, storage is almost always an issue. The bathroom is commonly an epicenter for this problem. Fortunately, there are some smart options out there to make the most of the space available. Medicine Cabinet:  Yesterday’s wall-mounted cabinets aren’t nearly as big as the ones available today. Getting a bigger, wall-mounted unit can go a long way to solving the clutter problem. Vanity is a Good Thing:  If you have a pedestal sink, replacing it with a vanity offers a lot more storage without sacrificing space. There are several models available, but getting one with drawers saves you from awkward groping around for what you need. If a variety with doors works better, invest in a roll-out shelf unit to for better convenience. Above-Toilet Storage:   The space over the toilet often goes to waste. Shelves are available which can be mounted above the tank. Quite a few-standing units are specially made for this purpose. They’re tall enough to straddle the toilet, but still allow enough space for repairs to the flushing mechanism. Door Space:  Rods can be installed on the back of the door to dry towels on, or you can use hooks for hanging robes. If those options don’t work, laundry bags can be hung from the door in which to store extra toiletries or toys for the kids. Shower Storage:  You can hang organizers at the back of your shower for toiletries. If the suction cup units don’t work, you may need to install a hook, but that’s not hard to do. Just knick the spot in the tile you’d like the hook to be, boar a starting hole with a masonry bit, and you’re ready for the hook. Adding more to hang washcloths, brushes and other things is a good idea for more storage.  If you have a shower/tub combination, there are also tension poles with baskets you can use in a corner of the tub. Cut Down on Clutter:  Instead of letting skin care products or medications you no longer need to take up space, dispose of them properly. Old towels and washcloths can be turned into rags, too. Don’t let cleaning supplies take over, either. White vinegar and baking soda can do a lot of the same work specialized cleaners advertize. When you organize your space intelligently, storage becomes a non-issue.  As this article shows, home improvement doesn't always have to be a major project to add to the enjoyment you find in your home.  Quarve Contracting has been providing exterior home remodeling and improvement services to Minneapolis and St. Paul area homeowners for nearly three decades.