If you're like most home do-it-yourselfers, you know that projects run much more smoothly with the right tools for the task.  Allen wrenches (also called "hex wrenches") are tools like that.  If you don't have one, there simply is no good substitute.  So your tool box probably has several of those folding units with various sizes of hex bits in them, and you most likely have plenty of duplicates.  But what's missing is the power that could come in handy.  Here's where Reuben Saltzman of the StarTribune has a great video how-to that could change your tool life - turning your extra wrenches into bits for your drill or power driver.

We know that home maintenance and improvement DIY'ers often take great pride in handling repairs themselves, but there are times when you need a professional.  Knowing what you can and can't handle is the best skill you can develop.  If you run into an exterior home improvement project that's over your head, give us a call - we've been helping Minneapolis/St. Paul area homeowers take care of their homes for nearly three decades.