Are you thinking of ways of improving your landscaping? If so, why not add a fire pit? This Old House hosts an easy to understand video hosted about installing one. Step-by-step written instructions are provided beneath the movie.

This project should only take about 2 or 3 hours, and is on the inexpensive side, costing only around $200-$300. The video shows you how to use the blocks as a guide to remove grass in the appropriate sized circle. It then shows you the depth of the hole needed, the type of stone needed for proper drainage and how to build the wall.

Although installing fire pit takes some effort, you’re sure to love it, whether it’s for entertaining or outdoor cooking with the family.  And it's something you can enjoy year round.   Just imagine roasting marshmallows in the snow!

Remember, anything you do to your home which adds space - even outdoor living space - can add value as well as enjoyment.  At Quarve Contracting we're full-service exterior remodeling contractors who are experienced in helping Twin Cities homeowners protect they've made in their homes while finding more pleasure and visual appeal in it.